Surgery & Medical

SHAVEHILL EQUINE CLINIC  has a purpose built induction, recovery theatre suite. The Surgeries are always preformed by experienced Surgeons. Specialists whom routinely visit for orthopaedic and respiratory Surgery.
Anaesthesia is intensively monitored utilising readings such as ECG and direct blood pressure.
Routine castrations and minor operations such as sarcoid removal can be performed at your yard.
Surgeries performed at SHAVEHILL EQUINE CLINIC include arthroscopy of the joints, wound repair and abdominal surgeries including cryptorchid (retained testicle) and ovarian tumour removal.


A range of Medical conditions are investigated and treated. Cases admitted to the Clinic have 24 hour supervision by an EXPERIENCED VETERINARY SURGEON.
Video endoscopy is available for diagnosis of wind and lung disorders.
A Digital scanner is utilised for imaging soft tissues including the thorax in respiratory disease and abdominal cases of weight loss, diarrhoea and colic. Liver biopsy and gastroscopy are preformed when indicated. Gastroscopy can be arranged for horses' showing signs of stomach ulceration.
Allergies including those annoying skin urticarias can be investigated.
We perform faecal worm egg counts at YOUR LOCAL CLINIC  at competitive prices to target the horse that needs worming.

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