An annual appraisal of your horses’ mouth is essential to its well being. HORSE DENTISTRY can be performed on a free visit day along with the annual vaccination.
HORSES teeth erupt throughout its life and they can suffer from a variety of over growths malalignement and disease.

Equine dentistry has evolved over the past 20 years to become a specialist subject. We were one of the first practises in the UK to routinely use motorised dental equipment. We regularly attend B.E.V.A. Dentistry Courses. All our Equine Vets are experienced in the routine care of teeth and have the most up to date dremel equipment.

At Shavehill Equine Clinic we are well equipped and experienced in the treatment of tooth root infection including extraction of infected molars and associated sinus infections.
Our Practice is dedicated to keeping up to date with new procedures in equine dental care to deliver the best treatment to your horse mouth.

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